About Us & Our Ethos

About us

Hi my name is Liam 👋 I am the owner of Basic Barista here in Melbourne, Australia.

We are an online coffee gear retailer specialising in pour over & filter coffee brewing equipment.

We sell Filters, Drippers, Kettles, Scales, Grinders and so much more.


At Basic Barista we put the 'Basic' in coffee gear. Making coffee at home should be fun, easy and resemble cafe quality at home.

Everything we do from the navigation of our website, our range of products we stock and the service we provide is designed to give you the best possible shopping experience. 

We constantly review our range of products and prices to always offer you the highest quality and best value possible. 

We don't sell you products:

One of the biggest goals (and challenges) we strive for daily is selling our products. Sometimes the best way to help out a customer is to listen to what they want and then point them to the product. We believe the better alternative is to provide the customer with tools and knowledge so they can make an educated decision on whats right for them.

"We don't sell you products, we give you the information to choose what's right for you."

Because of this, most of our products have full length descriptions, 'Suitable Filters' recommendations and full length YouTube videos attached.

Thank you for shopping with us and we are so excited to have made yet another Basic Barista 😉

Liam Hatzipavlis


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