Basic Barista Coffee Gear

Here at Basic Barista we have a range of coffee gear and coffee brewing tools from coffee grinders, coffee brewing scales, coffee brewers, coffee drippers and even locally roasted specialty coffee beans.

Coffee Grinders:

We stock a range of Coffee Hand Grinders and Electric Coffee Grinders, from entry lever under $100 budget coffee grinders to high performing german manufactured precision coffee grinders.

Basic Barista Coffee Grinders Collection Basic Barista Coffee Grinders Grind Coffee Brew Coffee Portable Travel coffee grinder

Coffee Scales:

When it comes to controlling your variables, weighing your coffee, water apposed to using volumetric measurements are so much more accurate.
We currently stock a range of scales from budget pocket coffee brewing scales to the best scales money can buy. Acaia Pearl and Acaia Lunar Coffee Brewing scales are supper accurate but they aren't the only option in the market.

Basic Barista Coffee Brewing Scale Coffee Scales Pour over coffee brewing scales

Coffee Drippers:

When it comes to making pour over coffee, the dripper you use will have an effect on the taste of your coffee. Some drippers such as the Hario V60 promise a timeless brewing experience, still featuring in coffee brewing competitions today where as newer drippers like the Graycano dripper, Origami dripper and even the Orea Dripper are becoming more and more popular offering faster flows, better heat retention and flat bottom / conical filter compatibility.

Basic Barista Coffee Dripper Drip Coffee Maker Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Coffee Brewers:

While pour over coffee is particularly our specialty here at Basic Barista we also have some brewers that make coffee but aren't exactly a 'coffee dripper'.

The AeroPress coffee maker is just one of these brewers that doesn't quite fit into the coffee dripper category. Learn more about the AeroPress here.

AeroPress Coffee Maker Coffee Brewers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Coffee Beans:

Brewing coffee will only ever be as good as the beans you use, this is why we always have freshly roasted specialty coffee available here at the Basic Barista. Roasted locally we always have exciting singles and even some blends that go well with espresso or milk.

Coffee Beans Basic Barista Specialty coffee local roasted coffee beans