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The 5 Best Coffee Gifts

The 5 Best Coffee Gifts 

With fathers day just around the corner and we decided to put together a list of the top 5 coffee gifts! 

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker:

When buying a gift from a coffee lover how could you possibly go past the AeroPress Go coffee Maker? This amazing product brings you all the great qualities of coffee press while doubling as a drinking mug and a carry case.

AeroPress coffee maker Best gift idea Gifts coffee brewing equipment Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Brewing

If you have a friend who loves there coffee while also having a busy schedule then this is the perfect gift for them, it is perfect for work, travel or anyone on the go and is extremely light weight and portable. It is made from food-grade Polypropylene BPA-free Plastic, with the seal being food-grade non-toxic Silicone. the 350 micro filters are biodegradable and once used can be put into compost.

A new grinder:

Now as any barista knows a good coffee comes from how the beans have been ground. So when it comes to spoiling someone in your life who has a passion for a good coffee you cant look past a new grinder.

Timemore C2 coffee Grinder Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

There are multiple grinders in our range but if you are on a budget or keeping to a gift limit then the Chestnut C2 Coffee Hand Grinder is a perfect choice. it’s made with stainless steal which gives it a light weight feel and makes it long lasting.

It has a 25g bean capacity, a new upgraded aluminium grind adjustment dial and dial clicker and dual bearings for constant stability to name just a few of the amazing features it hosts.

A new coffee brewing scale:

For the perfect cup of coffee sometimes you need that perfect weight, so how could you look past our large range of brewing scales, they come in a range of prices starting with The Pequeño Digital Scale at $22.00, it features a 2kg weighing limit, a stainless steal weighing plate with a backlit LCD display and is powered by AAA batteries which are not included with the scales.

Basal Pequeno Budget coffee scale Basic Barista Coffee Gift Fathers day coffee gifts

If you are looking for more of a mid range scales then the Hario V60 Drip Scale which is priced at $109.95 is a great choice. It offers a 2kg weight limit, Digital LCD screen, it also has a built in timer with an auto turn off after 5 minutes and if powered by AAA batteries which are included with the scales.

Hario V60 drip scale Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee gift Coffee scale brewers coffee brewing

Coffee Beans:

Now if you’ve got a coffee expert on your hands and you know they have all the products they need to make the perfect cup of coffee, then why not give them the most important product for making coffee, BEANS!!!

Now when selecting beans it’s important have an idea of what the person you’re buying for likes. With the large selection of beans available on our website this is made easy, with each coffee choice having a ‘about the coffee’ section that explains the tasting notes, variety, region and many other interesting facts about the coffee and the growers.

Freshly Roasted coffee Beans Local Basic Barista Melbourne Australia Coffee gear Buy coffee Specialty coffee Brewing coffee 

Gift Card:

If after reading this post you’re still unsure what to get that special person or don’t know exactly what they want, then the perfect and well rounded gift would be one of our gift cards, there are multiple choices available ranging from $25.00 all the way up to $200.00, which can be used across our store to purchase anything their heart desires.

Basic Barista Gift Card Virtual NFT Money coffee Gear Coffee brewing equipment Gift Gifts Virtual gift Coffee Gift

Thank you for reading our blog post, if you have any questions or want to join our community check out our instagram!

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