Cafe Sing Orca Flat Burr Hand Grinder Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Brewing Gear

The Flat Burr Hand Grinder no one is talking about …yet

Cafesing Orca Grinder Review

When we first came across the Cafesing Orca Grinder we were drawn in by 2 main features, the large flat burrs and the attachment system that allows you to quickly swap between flat burrs for Espresso and ghost burrs for filter coffee grinding.

We even took advantage and tested this grinder with our Aji Filters, the flat burrs allowed us to grind a fine pour over coffee grind size and due to the fast flow of the Aji Filter we were able to get a super high extraction.

The Orca grinder comes with a pre-installed 49mm flat burr and also has a replaceable 49mm ghost tooth burr, these burr sets are easily interchangable as the entire burr housing unit screws out to be replaced. The Cafesing Orca Grinder can grind up to 46g of coffee beans until the grind catch is full.

The grinder also has an 18-micron per click adjustment, which allows you to dial in the perfect grind size for your coffee brewing method.

Cafe Sing Owl Scales

Ok so I know this is a coffee grinder review however we were sent a set of their 'Owl' Espresso scales with the grinder and it is safe to say that I am in love with these.

They are made from a dense metal shell and these feel super durable, they are hefty and don't look / feel plasticy like some entry level scales and they permanently reside under my Aram coffee maker as they are super thin, I can fit heaps of cups and glasses under and don't have any clearance issues.

Best thing about these scales that I haven't mentioned just yet is the price, these guys will only set you back $185 and I would say that they are worth every penny as they would quite easily contend with some of the big scale names out there in the world. 

Ok, back to the grinder!

Cafe Sing Grinder Features

  • Dual Burr > Flat Burr / Ghost Burr
  • 18 micron per click grind size adjustment 
  • Stepped grind size
  • No tools needed to switch burrs
  • Full metal body
  • Collar adjustment grind size (Numbered)
  • 3 x bearings 
  • Fixed axil

Cafe Sing Orca Flat Burr Hand Grinder Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Brewing Gear

What Makes This Grinder Different?

The Orca Grinder mainly stands out as it is not common to see hand grinders feature flat burrs and while there is already some flat burr hand grinders available, none of them are under $400.

Besides this, this grinder is unique as it has a quick change burr system. Unlike most coffee grinders which only have the one burr set installed, the Orca grinder can have the entire burr housing removed and replaced with the other burr set.

Benefits of Grinding Coffee with Flat Burrs

Flat burrs are known for producing a more uniform and consistent grind compared to conical burrs, this largely has to do with the more surface area and difference in geometry compared to conical burrs. This means that you will get a more consistent cup of coffee, regardless of your brew method.

Cafe Sing Orca Flat Burr Hand Grinder Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Brewing Gear

1 Grinder, 2 Burr Sets

Normally when you buy a grinder, it's best to do so for one particular brew method (mainly for hand grinders). Don't get me wrong while you still can grind espresso on filter grinders and filter grind sizes on espresso grinders, you may not be getting the best quality or maybe its just a lot of work.

Grinding espresso on this grinder was surprisingly easy, I have never used a flat burr hand grinder before but I was shocked at how fast this was and with comparably less effort.

The Flat Burrs are ideal for Espresso range of grind sizes

Suggested Brew Clicks
Orca Flat Burrs Espresso / SOE - Clicks-1.0to4.0
Moka Pot / AeroPress - Clicks-3.0to5.0
Pour-Over / Hand Drip - Clicks-5.0to9.0
Electric Drip / French Press - Clicks-8.0to12.0

The Ghost Burrs are ideal for Filter range of grind sizes

Suggested Brew Clicks
Orca Ghost Burrs Pour-Over / Hand Drip - Clicks-1.0to7.0
Electric Drip / French Press - Clicks-7.0to12.0
Chemex 20-45g big-dose - Clicks-12.0to18.0 


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