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3 Coffee Drippers You NEED In Your Arsenal

Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to elevate your pour-over brewing game? The world of coffee drippers can be overwhelming, but fear not! In this article, we will explore our top three coffee drippers that deserve a place in your brewing arsenal.

From versatile options to sleek designs, these drippers will revolutionise your coffee brewing experience! 

Hario Switch Coffee Brewer 3 Drippers every coffee brewer needs Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Dripper Brewer

Hario V60 Switch Immersion Dripper

The Hario Switch Immersion Dripper claims the top spot on our list for a reason. This versatile coffee dripper offers a delightful brewing experience and consistently delivers a flavourful cup of coffee.

Designed to be used with conical filters, which are widely accessible, you'll never have to worry about running out. One of the most exciting aspects of this brewer is its ability to accommodate an endless variety of coffee recipes.

Whether you prefer full percolation, immersion, or a hybrid approach, the Hario Switch Immersion Dripper has you covered. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods.

Orea V3 Coffee Dripper Orea V3 Brewer Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Drippers 3 Drippers every coffee brewer needs Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Dripper Brewer

Orea V3 Brewer

When it comes to flat bottom brewers, the Orea V3 Brewer reigns supreme. This brewer has captured our hearts with its exceptional performance, ensuring a smooth and fast flow with minimal stalling.

Compatible with a range of different coffee filters, the Orea V3 offers unparalleled flexibility. Available in Basalt Black and a variety of colourful bases, it adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to your brewing setup.

Whether you're a beginner or a coffee aficionado, the Orea V3 Brewer is an excellent option that guarantees a delightful cup of coffee every time.

Hario V60 Clear Plastic Coffee Dripper 3 Drippers every coffee brewer needs Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Dripper Brewer

Hario V60 Clear Plastic

We couldn't compile a list of must-have coffee drippers without including the iconic Hario V60. Although this dripper's plastic version may seem basic compared to its metal, ceramic, and glass counterparts, it still produces exceptional coffee.

The Hario V60 Clear Plastic dripper is widely accessible, affordable, and an ideal entry point for those venturing into the world of pour-over brewing. While there may be subtle differences in the final cup profile between the various V60 materials, the plastic version holds its ground and consistently brews a fantastic cup of coffee. Don't let its simplicity fool you—this dripper is a reliable companion for anyone seeking a cost-effective yet high-quality brewing solution.

In your pursuit of the perfect pour-over coffee experience, investing in the right coffee dripper is crucial. The Hario Switch Immersion Dripper, with its versatility and range of brewing possibilities, proves to be an exceptional choice. For those who prefer a flat bottom brewer, the Orea V3 Brewer offers unmatched performance and aesthetics. Finally, the Hario V60 Clear Plastic dripper provides an affordable and reliable option, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

Remember, the key to a great cup of coffee lies not only in the quality of your beans but also in the brewing equipment you choose. Each of these coffee drippers brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to different preferences and skill levels. So, take the plunge and add these exceptional drippers to your arsenal.

Happy brewing!

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