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What is Pacamara Coffee Bean? - Coffee Varietals

What is Pacamara?

Pacamara coffee beans represent a unique chapter in the world of coffee. This varietal is an intraspecific hybrid, born out of a breeding program in El Salvador during the 1950s. It's a cross between two distinct coffee mutations: Pacas and Maragogipe. This hybridisation was aimed at combining the best traits of both varieties - the compact size and higher productivity of Pacas with the large bean size and superior cup quality of Maragogipe.

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History of Pacamara

Pacamara's journey began in El Salvador's Institute for Coffee Research. It took over thirty years of meticulous cross-breeding and evaluation to achieve the perfect blend of Pacas and Maragogipe traits. The result was Pacamara, a variety that combines field productivity with exceptional cup quality. It's a testament to the dedication and patience of coffee researchers and their quest for the perfect brew.

What is Pacas?

Pacas, one of the parent plants of Pacamara, is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. It was discovered on the San Rafael farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador. The variety is known for its shorter stature, making it easier to cultivate and harvest, and its increased productivity compared to its Bourbon ancestor.

What is Maragogype?

Maragogype, the other parent of Pacamara, is a mutation of the Typica variety and was first discovered in Brazil. It's renowned for its significantly large bean size and excellent cup quality. Despite its low production yield, the Maragogype's distinctive traits make it a sought-after variety in the coffee world.

What Does Pacamara Coffee Taste Like?

Pacamara coffee is known for its unique flavour profile. Initially processed as a fully washed coffee, it exhibited a clean, savoury, sometimes spicy profile, with flavour notes akin to jalapeno pepper jelly. Experimentation with natural and anaerobic natural processes has further revealed its deep sweetness and complexity. Pacamara's flavour can range from chocolate and fruit to herbal notes, with the less desirable beans sometimes having a vegetal taste.

Pacamara coffee Flavour What does Pacamara coffee varietal taste like?

Where is Pacamara Coffee Grown

Originally from El Salvador, Pacamara has spread to other Central American countries but remains predominantly grown in its homeland. El Salvador's climate and geography have proven ideal for nurturing the unique attributes of Pacamara beans.

Challenges of Growing Pacamara Coffee Varietal

Pacamara's cultivation is not without its challenges. The varietal is known for its genetic instability, with about 10-12% of plants reverting to Pacas. This instability requires careful management and monitoring to maintain the quality and characteristics of the Pacamara crop.

Pacamara vs Other Coffee Varietals

Compared to other coffee varietals, Pacamara stands out for its unique combination of bean size, flavour profile, and hybrid vigor. Its unique characteristics come from its hybrid nature, combining traits from both Pacas and Maragogipe. While it may not be as widely cultivated as more stable varietals, its distinctive flavours and quality make it a prized choice for specialty coffee lovers.
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