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How to save money on your coffee gear

While brewing coffee at home can get expensive quick I thought we could save you some time and money by sharing some tips that can help you!

Create a Budget:

There are coffee brewing products at all different levels, for instance a Rhino Coffee Hand Grinder is $70 while a Comandante is close to $500. So working out how much you can afford and what you actually want to spend is step 1.

Think about where you are going to make coffee:

Some coffee equipment is more suited to outdoor and travel use, so deciding where you are going to be making coffee will help you tailor a kit / list of equipment that is most relevant to you.

Here are some suggestions where you might be wanting to make coffee:

  • At Home
  • Travel 
  • Camping
  • Office
  • On the Road
  • Weekender

What coffee do you want to make?

Deciding what coffee you want to make will help you to decide what gear you will need, no point buying a gooseneck kettle if you are making filter coffee using an AeroPress. 

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Do your Research

Watch some videos, read some blogs and do your research! Knowledge is power and knowing what you need will be the best way to save some money on coffee gear.

Quality over Features

Purchasing a quality product over a feature-heavy product might not feel like the best move, having more items in the pro section compared to the con section when weighing up a product might look like a better deal but if it isn't what you are looking for or it is a low quality product you wont be saving money in the long run.

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