Cold brew coffee grind size How to make cold brew coffee easy cold brew coffee recipe

Easy cold brew recipe

Easy cold brew recipe:

What is cold brew?

Cold brew is a term that can be used to describe 2 different things,

  1. Cold brew, the umbrela term
  2. Cold brew, the drink

Cold drip is a made by slowly dripping water over a bed of coffee while this is more accuratley described as ‘cold drip’ it also falls under the umbrella term of a ‘cold brew coffee’.

‘Cold brew’ the drink refers to the beverage it self and is made by fully immersing coarsely ground coffee beans in water and letting it steep for 20-24 hours in the fridge.

What do you need?

What is cold brew concentrate?

Atraditional cold brew recipe has the ratio 1:16 (the '1' represents the amount of ground coffee and the '16' represents the amount of water in relation to the coffee.) A cold brew concentrate has a shorter recipe such as 1:10 or 1:5, this makes the coffee a concentrate and appropriate to use for adding to ice, milk, cream etc.

Is cold brew concentrate safe to drink?

Yes! cold brew concentrate has a ratio of anywhere between 1:5 - 1:10 depending on the recipe, in reference to espresso that has ratio's of 1:2 (sometimes shorter)  this is more than fine to drink :) If you have accidentally purchased a cold brew concentrate and want to be sure, just check the label or if in doubt dilute it with milk.

How to make cold brew?

In this recipe we are going to make cold brew that is ready to drink, if you are wanting to make a cold brew concentrate all you will need to adjust is the amount of water you use to brew. Don't worry we made an easy to follow video down below if you need help.

1. First grind your 60g of coffee to a medium - coarse grind size, somthing like the image below. We recommend grinding coffee fresh before brewing but pre-ground coffee is your next best thing. Unfortunatley if you only have pre-ground espresso coffee this may not be suitable as this is prone to over-extracting and will result in some very bitter and unsavoury flavours.

Cold brew coffee grind size How to make cold brew coffee easy cold brew coffee recipe

2. Place your 60g of coarsely ground coffee into your container and to this add 1L of water. Stir or shake everything together to make sure everything is combined.

3. At this stage we recommend labeling or making a note of the time and date, this will help keep track of exactly how long your cold brew has been brewing for and will help you gague future cold brews. 

4. Refrigerate your cold brew for 20 - 24 hours.

5. Remove your cold brew from the fridge and try not to shake, stirr or agitate the mixture. Set up your V60 dripper & filter and slowly decant the liquid filtering out all the particles. Allow your cold brew to drain down and into a new container.

6. Serve and enjoy! Cold brew lasts up to 2 weeks after brewing in the fridge so you can come back to this and enjoy your home made cold brew year round :)

What does cold brew taste like?

Cold brew is sweet, has low acidity and can sometime resemble a light cognac. Depending on the coffee beans you use, the grind size of your coffee and the amount of time you brew your cold brew for the taste will change.

Happy brewing! Xx

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