Comandante X25 Trailmaster Coffee Hand Grinder Review Basic Barista Coffee Brewing Equipment

Comandante X25 TrailMaster Review

The latest addition to the Comandante family is the Comandante X25 Trailmaster hand grinder. Crafted explicitly for outdoor enthusiasts, the Trailmaster showcases a distinct aesthetic that sets it apart from the timeless design of the C40 series with its geometric shell made from a durable plastic material.

The Comandante X25 boasts its travel capabilities over the Comandante C40 range.

Comandante X25 Trailmaster Coffee Hand Grinder Review Basic Barista Coffee Brewing Equipment

Design and Features:

If you've ever hesitated to toss your Comandante MK3 or MK4 into your backpack for exploration or camping, you're not alone. Will the glass grind catcher break? Will it be durable and lightweight enough to endure your adventures? For those who revel in the outdoors while savouring a quality cup of freshly ground coffee, the X25 Trailmaster might just be the grinder you're looking for.

Designed as an outdoor grinder, the Trailmaster has undergone a complete transformation in terms of aesthetics and structure by Comandante. It incorporates a cutting-edge material called QTP®, a technologically advanced techno-polymer with exceptional compactness, strength, and durability. This material is virtually indestructible while remaining lightweight and food-safe, making it the ideal choice for the adventure-oriented hand grinder envisioned by Comandante.

The contemporary matte finish polygon design feels comfortable in your hand and the extruding logo assist with adding grip whilst grinding, each polygon reflecting light in unique ways, resulting in an appearance of varied textures and hues.

The Trailmaster is currently available in the "Dune" colour, which is a light brown/beige shade, it pairs harmoniously with a solid European Oak crank knob.

The X25 delivers the same superior grind quality and smooth grinding motion as Comandante's existing grinders, thanks to its high-quality Nitro Blade® burr set. This means that your favourite recipes will maintain consistent grind settings across both the X25 and your existing Comandante grinder, as they share the same axle and click-dial mechanism.

However, it's worth noting that the Trail master offers slightly less space than the C40 for adjusting settings or cleaning components. Additionally, you can interchange most of your current burr set, upgrades, or accessories between the Trail master and your existing grinder, including RedClix, burrs, axles, knobs and ball bearings.

A notable new feature of the X25 Trailmaster is the included rubber lid, which securely snaps into place on top of the grinder once you remove the crank lid and handle. This rubber lid seals the grinder, rendering the grinder body water-resistant. It also features a convenient tab for easy removal. Since the polymer grind catcher of the Trailmaster does not include a separate lid for storing your fresh beans or coffee grounds like the C40 models, this rubber lid helps keep a single serving of beans fresh in the grinder hopper when you lack extra space in your backpack for a separate container.

Comandante X25 Trailmaster vs Comandante C40 MK4: 

There are similarities and differences between the Trailmaster and Comandante's C40 range of hand grinders. In creating a versatile and lightweight option for outdoor enthusiasts, Comandante has spared no effort in design and construction, dedicating years to testing and perfecting the Trailmaster. The Trailmaster retains the same Nitro Blade® burr set as the renowned C40 range, ensuring exceptional grind consistency and high-quality manufacturing. It remains one of the most cherished and sought-after hand grinders in the industry.

In addition to the new material and aesthetic of the Trailmaster's outer body, you'll notice slight variations in size, capacity, and weight compared to the C40 range. Designed to be carried comfortably in a backpack for outdoor use, the Trailmaster weighs approximately 420g, whereas the MK4 weighs around 570g. The Trailmaster features a slimmer body design with a smaller hopper diameter, measuring 55mm across compared to the MK4's 62mm.

This sleeker profile makes the grinder easier to grip and slide into tight spaces and pockets. Standing at 160mm tall, the Trailmaster is slightly taller than the approximately 150mm height of the MK4. However, the most significant difference lies in the maximum grinding capacity, with the C40 grinders capable of holding 25-28g compared to the whopping 40g of the C40.

Is the Comandante Trailmaster right for you?

If you're searching for a portable coffee hand grinder that you can take hiking, camping, or traveling—a grinder that you can confidently stow in your bag, backpack, or car the X25 Trailmaster is an excellent choice. With its exceptional manufacturing, extensive research and testing, industry proven high-performance components, and robust yet lightweight materials, the Trailmaster is unquestionably a fantastic option for brewing your favourite coffee on the go, no matter where you find yourself. 

In saying this, if you are a light traveller who isn't going on the wildest adventures possible it may be worth purchasing the Comandante C40 and enjoy the much higher quality finish.


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