Calm & Stormy Water

Calm & Stormy Water

Calm & Stormy source their water from central highlands here in Victoria, Australia. They have still, sparkling and a range of sparkling water flavoured only with fresh fruit added.

Calm and stormy Australian sparkling mineral water

‘From stormy clouds to the depths of a dormant volcano. A journey more than 30 years in the making. Purified by nature. Infused with minerals. Invigorated with bubbles. A tribute to Victoria’s Central Highlands. Sheltered from prying eyes in a 100% recyclable can.’

Calm and stormy Australian sparkling mineral water

Coffee and water

Filter coffee is made from 98.75% water, the water you use to extract you coffee plays a crucial role in extracting the flavour compounds from the coffee beans. While we don’t necessarily recommend brewing using ‘calm and stormy’ water, we do recommend drinking it while you drink coffee.

Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water Minerals

There are some products on the market such as Aquacode water brewing minerals that dilute into 1-7L of water, this water is a much better choice for brewing coffee with.

Calm and stormy Australian sparkling mineral water

Should you drink water with your coffee?

Drinking water in between sips of coffee will help cleanse your pallet. This neutralises your pallet and helps you to detect more subtleties, I personally find drinking sparkling water to help cleanse my pallet more so.

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