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Top 5 Fastest Flowing Coffee Filters for Pour Over

In the world of pour over coffee faster flowing filters can allow you to grind finer and extract higher. While this style of coffee isn't for everyone there definitely is a growing cohort of pour over enthusiasts, baristas and home baristas who enjoy this style of coffee.
In this article we list our top 5 fastest flowing coffee filters for pour over coffee ordered from fastest at the top of the list.

Fastest Flowing Filters List:

Aji Filter - Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter

Aji Circle Filter - Flat Bottom Cloth coffee filter - Reusable coffee filter Packaging

The Aji Filter is a reusable cloth coffee filter made from a hand-loomed cotton, the sizes of the holes in this cotton is much larger than paper filters resulting in a fast flow rate and increase textural component to your coffee.
You can expect a thicker body and added creaminess to your cup of coffee.

Aji Filters are available in 01 and 02 size for conical coffee drippers and Aji Circle Filter for flat bottom coffee drippers.

Sibarist Fast Filters

Sibarist Fast Filters are a created from a 100% organic paper and promises to increase the extraction rate of your brew by 40%.
Sibarist filters are manufactured in Barcelona using traceable organic materials like certified cellulose fibres from European pine plantations, plant-derived Polylactic acid, and Abaca fibres ( a natural fibre grown in Ecuador and the Philippines.)

Sibarist Filters are available in 01 & 02 conical size as well as a Fast Flat filter for flat bottom drippers.

Cafec Abaca Filters

Cafec Abaca Paper Filter Cone 4 cups 02 Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Filter Paper Papers Banana Coffee Filter Brewer cone dripper conical coffee maker papers small smaller size coffee drippers

Cafec is known for making high quality paper filters, pioneering the creping techniques and the use of innovative new materials such as banana fibres. Abaca Filters are actually made from Manila Hemp and Wood pulp sourced from a forestation project.
These filters are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, They are eco friendly, 100% compostable and Biodegradable.

These filters are available in 1Cup and 4Cup sizes for conical coffee drippers.

Cafec Roast Profile Filters - T90 'Medium'

Cafec Roast Profile filter papers Coffee Brewing Paper Filters T-92 Light Medium Dark Set T-90 Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Wholesale Coffee Gear Bundle

Another Cafec option! We found these filters to be slightly slower compared to the Cafec Abaca papers. They are still relatively fast, this is due to the creping technique we discussed earlier. These filters are called the 'Medium roast profile' filters however I found this to be quite illusive and not accurate to how I use this range of Cafecs coffee filters.
I found that generally speaking most darker roasted coffees to be faster drawing down compared to light roast coffees, funnily enough the Medium filters are faster flowing than the Light roast profile filters.

We have the Cafec Roast Profile T-90 Filters available in the 4Cup size (Hario 02 equivalent size) in both 40pk and 100pk

Origami Filter Papers 

Origami Coffee Filters Paper Filter Coffee Origami Pour over dripper Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Brewing Equipment Filter Filters Barista Gear Brewing filters Parts hario Origami Australia Wholesale Cafec Wholesale Australia

These are the most underrated coffee filters and just so happen to be my personal favourite paper filters to make pour over coffee with.
The Origami branded filter papers are the no thrills coffee filter papers, they are still quite fast flowing and suit a range of different types of coffees. They also just happen to be manufactured by Cafec and are indistinguishable from the much loved Hario V60 Filter Papers Boxed 40pk (Yes, the boxed 40pk filters are VERY different from the Tabbed 100pk Hario filters).

These filters are available in the small (01/2Cup) size and the Large (02/4Cup) size.

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