Barista Hustle AutoComb Review Auto Comb WDT Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Barista Hustle AutoComb Review

What is the AutoComb?

The Barista Hustle AutoComb is a modern, innovative tool designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of coffee making in cafes. It's a specialised instrument that streamlines the espresso preparation process, primarily through its unique ability to distribute coffee grounds evenly in the portafilter. This even distribution is crucial for achieving a consistent espresso extraction, directly impacting the taste and quality of the coffee served.

Barista Hustle AutoComb Review Auto Comb WDT Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

How the AutoComb Works

The AutoComb operates on a simple yet effective principle. It utilises a series of finely-tuned teeth that glide through the coffee grounds in the portafilter, ensuring an even spread. This process, known as the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT), eliminates clumping and channeling, common issues that can lead to uneven extraction and a subpar espresso shot. The tool is not only efficient but also easy to use, making it a valuable asset in any busy cafe setting.

How the Auto Comb can Speed Up Your Cafe

In a fast-paced cafe environment, time is of the essence. The AutoComb significantly speeds up the barista's workflow by streamlining the preparation process. By ensuring a uniform coffee bed quickly and consistently, it reduces the time spent on manual distribution. This efficiency allows baristas to focus on other aspects of coffee making and customer service, thereby increasing overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Barista Hustle AutoComb Review Auto Comb WDT Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Who is the Auto Comb Designed For?

The Auto Comb is primarily designed for cafe owners who are looking to enhance their barista's workflow. Its efficiency and ease of use make it an ideal tool for busy commercial settings where consistency and speed are key. While it's a valuable tool for professional baristas, it might not be a necessary investment for home coffee enthusiasts, given its specialised nature and the different demands of a home brewing setup.

AutoComb vs Other WDT Tools

The Barista Hustle AutoComb stands out among other Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tools for its precision and efficiency. While other WDT tools may offer similar distribution capabilities, the Auto Comb's design and ease of use make it particularly suitable for high-volume, professional environments. Its robust construction and finely-tuned teeth are specifically tailored for the demands of a busy cafe, setting it apart from more generic or DIY alternatives.

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Is the Auto Comb Worth It?

For cafes, the Auto Comb is definitely worth the investment. Its ability to ensure consistent coffee quality and speed up the espresso-making process can lead to increased overall efficiency improved customer satisfaction.

However, for individuals making coffee at home, the benefits might not justify the cost, as the volume of coffee made and the pace required are generally lower than in a commercial setting.

Barista Hustle AutoComb Review Auto Comb WDT Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

What Size Portafilters Does The AutoComb Fit?

The AutoComb fits most 58mm portafilters and standard baskets, we have included a full breakdown of what portafilters and baskets are compatible with the Barista Hustle AutoComb Tool below.

Supported Portafilters

  • La Marzocco (except KB90)

  • Decent

  • Pesado

  • Synesso

  • Slayer

  • KVW

  • Simonelli

  • Storm/Tempesta

  • Weber Unifilter (Dog leg handle only)

Unsupported Portafilters

(Barista Hustle is working on these for v1.1)

  • Weber Workshops Unifilter and Naked Portafilter (standard handles)

  • La Marzocco KB90

  • Some La Cimbali (TBC)

Supported Baskets

  • All standard 58mm baskets like VST, IMS, Pullman, LM, etc.

  • Wafo

  • Sworks

  • Weber Unibasket

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