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Loca Ceramic Filter Round 1-2 Cup

Loca Ceramic Filter Round 1-2 Cup

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Loca filter is a very unique filter & coffee dripper, comprised of thousands of micro-pores this brewer both holds the grounds and allows the brewed coffee to pass through. The resulting taste and aroma of your coffee is unlike other traditional pour over systems.

This unique ceramic technology removes miscellaneous flavours, including unpleasant and salty tastes and brings out the clear taste and aroma of coffee. It can also be used to clarify and filter other drinks.

The flow rate is adjustable, like a paper filter or mesh screen, and is dependent on the amount of water poured. Tailor your coffee strength by adjusting, not only the amount of water poured, but the grind size and the temperature of your water.

The Loca Ceramic Filter is designed and made in Japan.

Loca Ceramic Filter coffee dripper Basic Barista porous ceramic drip coffee maker - Japanese coffee filter Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

What Grind Size For Ceramic Loca Filter

For the Loca Ceramic Filter we recommend a medium to coarse coffee grind size.
Play around with multiple grind sizes, water temperatures and brew methods to highlight different flavours from your coffee.

How To Clean Loca Ceramic Coffee Filter:

After each use, immediately rinse the dripper with hot water. Continue rinsing out until the water runs clear.
If you use detergent to clean, boil the Loca Filter for 5-10 minutes to make sure that no detergent remains in the filter.

Regular Maintenance:

Since the filter has fine pores, repeated use can cause clogging caused by coffee fines and coffee oils. Even if you run hot water through the filter several times, if the flow rate is slow, this indicates that the Loca Filter has started to clog. 
In this instance you may need to Fire-Clean your Loca Dripper.


Place the Loca filter on a wire rack with the dripper facing upwards and place it on the stove over high heat.
Make sure you see white smoke coming out of the filter, then continue to heat the dripper for another 10 minutes until no smoke is present.
Use tongs to rotate the filter and heat it all over.

Please stress caution when handling as the Loca dripper will be extremely hot after fire cleaning. Let the dripper cool down completely before handling. Rapid cooling or heating may cause this to crack so do not run this under a tap at high temperatures.

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