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DiFluid R2 Refractometer Review

DiFluid R2 Extract Precision Refractometer

DiFluid is a Chinese based company with experience making coffee tools and more famously their range of refractometers, recently DiFluid launched an innovative product that promises to transform the way we measure and appreciate coffee.

The DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer is a game-changing device designed to provide precise measurements of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). In this article, we will delve into the world of refractometers, explore their benefits, and uncover why the DiFluid R2 stands out among its competitors.

What is a refractometer?

A refractometer is a scientific instrument widely used in the coffee industry to measure the concentration of dissolved solids in liquids, such as coffee. By analysing the refraction of light passing through a sample, refractometers offer valuable insights into the coffee's TDS and help achieve a higher understanding of how much of your coffee has been extracted. 


Coffee Refractometer Pocket sized coffee refractometer Difluid R2 Extract Coffee review


How can a refractometer help me dial in coffee?

The key to brewing exceptional coffee lies in achieving the perfect balance of flavours. A refractometer enables you to precisely measure the TDS, allowing you to adjust various brewing parameters, such as grind size, water-to-coffee ratio, and extraction time. By accurately dialling in your coffee, you can extract optimal flavours, accentuate more desired flavours or mask less desirable flavours.

What is TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) represents the concentration of soluble substances present in a liquid. In the context of coffee, TDS measurement reveals the amount of dissolved coffee solids, including minerals, oils, sugars, and acids. By understanding the TDS level and how much of the coffee you have extracted, you can fine-tune your brewing technique to achieve desired flavours, sweetness, and body in your cup.

It is important to keep in mind that TDS will only measure the total of all the dissolved solids in your coffee, this means that you can have 2 samples with the same TDS and have 2 completly different tasting coffees.

Can you Test Espresso on the R2?

Yes, you can test both filter coffee and espresso on the R2. I recommend using the back of the spoon to swirl around the surface of the espresso if any crust or bubbles that carry onto the sample.


Coffee Refractometer Pocket sized coffee refractometer Difluid R2 Extract Coffee review


How to use the DiFluid R2 Refractometer

The DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer simplifies the process of measuring TDS. Begin by calibrating the device using distilled water and then place a coffee sample on the Aluminium Sample dish reader, press the button once and wait for a stable reading to appear on the display. The DiFluid R2 provides precise measurements within an impressive accuracy of ±0.02%, helping you achieve quick and accurate results with quite literally a press of a button. 

Other Coffee Refractometers:

While the market offers several coffee refractometers, the DiFluid R2 Extract stands out for its exceptional features and affordability. Other popular options include VST Lab Refractometer ($1,400AUD) and ATAGO Coffee Refractometer ($600AUD), which also provide accurate TDS measurements. However, the DiFluid R2 excels in terms of precision, ease of use, and value for money, making it a preferred choice for coffee enthusiasts on a budget.

Why the DiFluid R2 is the best budget Refractometer:

The DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer offers an impressive array of features at an affordable price point. With its remarkable precision of ±0.02% and advanced micro-calibration for temperature compensation, this device ensures accurate measurements even in challenging environments. Additionally, its IP67 water-resistant rating and durable construction make it a reliable companion for long-term use, without breaking the bank.

Is the DiFluid Rd Refractometer worth it?

Absolutely I recommend this coffee refractometer to any coffee professional! The DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer is a worthwhile investment for coffee enthusiasts seeking to elevate their brewing game. Its precise measurements and user-friendly design allow you to experiment, without getting overwhelmed on already such a dense and theory driven topic. With its exceptional features and competitive pricing, the DiFluid R2 proves to be a valuable tool for both aspiring and professional baristas.

Coffee Refractometer Pocket sized coffee refractometer Difluid R2 Extract Coffee review
The video below is a great resource to get you started with your R2 refractometer, we found it to be super useful and answered all of my questions when I was first setting up my device, definitely worth checking out before you get stuck into yours.

The DiFluid R2 Coffee Refractometer emerges as an exceptional companion for coffee lovers who are looking for ways to push their coffee game to the next level. Its unparalleled features, ease of use, and affordability make it a standout choice among other refractometers on the market. 

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