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WDT Needle Coffee Distributor - Black

WDT Needle Coffee Distributor - Black

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The WDT Needle Coffee Distributor has been designed to distribute ground coffee evenly throughout a portafilter before tamping. An evenly distributed puck will have a lower chance of channeling and makes your coffee taste much more coherent with an even extraction.
This Needle Distributor is based on the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT), which aims to prevent channelling in the filter basket during extraction by removing clumps in the ground coffee. The long needle design helps keep the coffee in the filter basket during distribution, eliminating excess mess.

Adding WDT in your work flow can sometime be challenging when in a cafe environment but for home brewers who tend to have more time the results are well worth the additional step


  • Evenly distributes coffee grounds in the filter basket without making a mess
  • Prevents clumping of coffee grounds and lowers the chance of channelling to occur during the extraction


1x WDT Needle Coffee Distributor - Black

4x WDT Needles (0.35mm)

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