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PUCKPUCK Cold Drip Tower + 500ml vessel

PUCKPUCK Cold Drip Tower + 500ml vessel

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We proudly bring you the PUCKPUCK cold drip AeroPress attachment. A very clever gadget that act as a drip valve to turn your Aeropress into a fully functional, ready to go cold drip tower in minutes! Trying to make cold drip coffee at home is difficult and you can quickly spend hundreds on glass towers. Granted the glass cold drip towers are beautiful and are of an extremely high caliber but that to purchase, set up and maintain is an investment. You also loose a lot of bench space. The PUCKPUCK Adaptor and vessel allows you to emulate great tasting cold drip coffee with its easy to set up design and extremely portable pack-up size. It attaches to the AeroPress seamlessly and with the app extension setting up your drip rate is super easy!


Super simple set-up steps:

  1. Assemble your Aeropress and attach your PUCKPUCK.
  2. Add your freshly ground coffee and water vessel.
  3. Set your drip rate with the free downloadable app.
  4. Wait for 2 hours. Leave your cold drip tower to do what it does best!

Fun fact: 

Did you know that cold drip coffee can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks! Make 1 big batch and what ever you leave behind (if any) can be finished off tomorrow!


Included in your box:

1x PUCKPUCK cold drip valve

1x 500ml water vessel

1x instructions manual 


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