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Orea V3 Circle Filter Papers 100pk

Orea V3 Circle Filter Papers 100pk

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Here by popular demand! Experience a new way to brew with the Orea Brewer using a lower bypass filter fit to reach higher extractions and explore a different brew method within the same brewing system. These filters go together with the Negotiator Tool.

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Made for Orea V2 and V3

The small size fits the Orea V2 and the Small (155) Orea V3. The large size fits the Large (185) Orea V3.

Orea V3 Basalt Brewer

Supplied with guides

In each pack, you will find guides to help you get brewing. Dialling these in can be challenging as the brew dynamics are quite different. Please see the guides included for tips on getting the best out of this combination, with unique recipes designed to take your brewing to new levels. Learn how to use the Orea Circle Filters.


1x Orea V3 Circle Filter Papers 100PK (155 / 185 Size)

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Coffee Filters have a monumental impact on how your filter coffee tastes.
Some coffee filters are made from paper, cloth, metal and even banana fibres.
The shape, thickness, material and hole size all result in a different flow rate and final taste.

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