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Ninety Plus Kambera Panama Geisha Filter - Natural

Ninety Plus Kambera Panama Geisha Filter - Natural

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About the coffee:

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Maraschino Cherry & Rum

Variety: Geisha

Score: 90+

Region: Piedra Candela, Ninety Plus, Panama

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,550 MASL

Process: Natural, Anaerobic (Read about processing methods here)

Roast: Filter

This coffee has a heavy fermented cherry flavour with a warm finish and thick body. You can expect to taste dark chocolate, maraschino cherry, rum and plum. 

Learn more about this coffee from Ninety Plus here.

Drip Bag's come pre-ground, to conserve your coffee store these in the freezer and only open just before brewing


1x 15g Drip Bag / 4x 15g Drip Bag's / 1x 250g Whole Beans

How to use Drip Coffee Bag:

  1. Open pouch and remove drip bag.
  2. Tear top of drip bag. 
  3. Secure the arms over your cup / Mug / Server. 
  4. Pour 250g of water on your coffee in 5 x intervals of 50g, wait for each pour to draw down before starting the next pour.
  5. Remove and dispose of drip bag. Enjoy your brew! 

* Please note that our shipping times will depend on when the coffee is roasted during the week to ensure we always send out coffee at it's freshest. If your order contains items as well as coffee beans, we will reserve your order until  the coffee is ready to be dispatched. (You will receive order updates via email)

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