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DG - Espresso blend

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Sweet, rich and deceptively simple.

The DG espresso blend from Padre coffee was named in reference to one of their staff whom was very prim & proper, she referred to herself as a bit of a daddy’s girl.

This blend is comprised of coffee beans sourced from India, Columbia and Ethiopia. It can be described as soft and mellow with low acidity, full body and notes of creamy milk chocolate & caramel.

DG is Padre’s most popular blend, it’s delicious black and irresistible with milk.

Available in 250 or 500 gram bags

*All coffee is packaged and shipped for whole beans, We can organise Padre to grind your coffee for you, simply write in the notes section what grind size you would like. (ie "AeroPress" "Espresso" "Stovetop" etc.)