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Basic Barista

Basic Barista Brew Kit

Basic Barista Brew Kit

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Master pour over coffee with the Basic Barista Brew Kit!

Featuring 2 of Timemore's most popular coffee equipment, their Chestnut C3 Coffee Hand Grinder and the Black Mirror Plus Coffee Brewing Scales. Renowned for their budget friendly price point and exceptional accuracy.

Choose between 2 metal coffee drippers.

Hario V60 or Graycano Coffee Dripper?

Choose between the classic or the up-and-coming, Hario has been the leading manufacturer for pour over coffee brewing gear originally a laboratory glass manufacturer their coffee drippers are world renowned and still make delicious coffee.
The Graycano is another metal coffee dripper that is instead made from an Aluminium block and coated, it has great heat retention properties due to the openings on its reverse. The Graycano brewer also features unique ribs self named 'Volcano ribs'.


1x Timemore Black Mirror Plus Coffee Scale

1x Timemore Chestnut C3 Coffee Hand Grinder

1x 100pk Hario Coffee Filters (We will include the correct size depending on the dripper you choose)

1x Hario V60 Metal Matte Black or 1x Graycano Coffee Dripper + Cork Sleeve 


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