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Firstly, Welcome! We hope you’re having an amazing day!

Secondly, Congratulations and welcome to the world of the Basic Barista. My name is Liam, I am the founder of Basic Barista Aus and I would like to tell you about who we are and what this is all about!


Originally the ‘basic barista’ term developed from our Tik Tok username, I posted videos of making coffee through an ‘AeroPress’ a V60 and espresso machines from some of my favourite cafes. I loved it, and so did you. When I purchased my brewing products I would be excited but that excitement was short lived, the product was exactly what it said it was, although a massive opportunity to strike excitement for me as a customer was replaced with a plain brown box. No thank you letter, and no attention to detail. My other alternative was to purchase from cafes, as I used to be a manager of a cafe I know how difficult it was to keep track of stock levels of coffee and milk, let alone brewers that sat on the corner of a shelf for months at a time. This means that right now to find a brewer or filter for your brewer you will need to call at least 5 cafes, hope they aren’t busy, make sure they are open and currently stock the product you are looking for.

In amongst the ‘hustle n bustle’ of a cafe to give a customers an entire run down of a more suitable product proved challenging if not impossible to do and unfortunately not what that product deserved. 

I recall one experience I had where I wanted to purchase some paper filters which I was about to run out of. After cold calling the 5 closest cafes to me I could barely place my order the barista was so busy, There was very little opportunity to ask what size papers the cafe stocked and no chance to strike up a conversation.

Every product you purchase from the Basic Barista comes beautifully packaged, every product you purchase supports us to create a forever growing topics and Masterclass recourse to help everyone create better coffee at home. Most importantly we strive to use sustainable packaging and shipping wherever possible. We have made a commitment to use Hero Packaging on selected products and we are always looking for more sustainable practices we can incorporate into our business. All of our designs (in house/external) are done locally as well as our newly introduced ‘handmade’ section. Where we plan to team with local artists to introduce an online marketplace. Not only supporting the coffee industry but local designers and makers.

We are committed to providing beautifully packaged products, with an eco friendly approach and sustainable practices always in mind. Now more then ever there is no excuse to make bad coffee, and with our Topics provided free of charge you might just become the next best basic barista.

Thank you in advance.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Contact us

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