Basic Barista Videos

This is our videos section! We will upload our top videos here to show you 'visual learners' exactly how to use your latest coffee brewing gear! If you are looking for more in depth information we also offer educational material and beginner guides in blog form as easy to navigate 'Topics'. 

AeroPress Go

Learn how to use the AeroPress Go from grinding your beans to plunging in this short video.


In this video we show you just how beautiful and intimate the cold drip brewing process can be. Created in a time lapse and B-roll cinematic fashion we show you exactly how to use the PUCKPUCK with the AeroPress go and Padre coffee to make cold drip coffee.

V60 Dripper 

In this short video clip we demonstrate how easy it is to use the Hario V60 Ceramic Matte Black Dripper. This video goes for around 1 minute and shows you briefly the steps necessary to brew your own V60 pour over style coffee.