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What is Sidra Coffee Beans? - Coffee Varietal

What is Sidra?

Sidra coffee, a relatively new entrant in the world of coffee, is gaining popularity for its unique flavour profile. It's a cross-mutation between two well-known varieties, Bourbon and Typica, and is primarily grown in South America. Its distinct taste, characterised by high sweetness, crisp acidity, and a velvety body, sets it apart from other varieties.

History of Sidra Coffee

Sidra coffee, also known as Sydra or Bourbon Sidra, saw a surge in popularity thanks to its use by champions in the World Coffee Championships. Initially not very popular, it has become a favourite in the specialty coffee sector. Its origin story is somewhat nebulous, with World Coffee Research indicating that Sidra might encompass several different varieties under a common name, a common occurrence in the coffee industry.

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What is a coffee varietal?

A coffee varietal refers to a specific genetic subtype of coffee. Varietals are akin to different breeds of a species, each with unique characteristics, flavours, and growth requirements. They play a crucial role in the taste and quality of the coffee we enjoy.

Sidra, a combo of Typica and Bourbon

Sidra is a hybrid, combining the qualities of Typica and Bourbon. These parent varietals are respected for their quality and history in the coffee world. Sidra inherits their best traits, resulting in a coffee that is both complex and delightful.

Typica coffee

Typica is one of the oldest coffee varietals, known for its excellent cup quality. It's the base genetic stock for many other coffee varietals and is valued for its sweet, clean flavours and balanced profile.

Bourbon coffee

Bourbon, another ancient and revered coffee varietal, is known for its complex and flavourful profile. It tends to produce a sweeter, more complex cup than Typica, with a broader range of flavours.

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Taste profile of Sidra coffee

Sidra coffee boasts a profile of high sweetness, with notable crisp acidity and a smooth, velvety body. Its flavour notes often include floral and fruity characteristics, drawing comparisons to Ethiopian varieties.

Where Sidra coffee is grown

Predominantly grown in Ecuador and Colombia, Sidra flourishes in high-altitude environments of 1,650 to 1,800 meters above sea level. Its cultivation began with significant plantings by specialty coffee producers in Colombia, acknowledging its potential in the specialty coffee market.

Challenges of growing Sidra coffee varietal

Growing Sidra coffee comes with its unique set of challenges. The plants require shade and a specific ecosystem, making them unsuitable for full sun conditions. They are high-yielding and resistant to several pests and diseases but are vulnerable to coffee leaf rust.

Sidra vs other coffee varietals

Compared to other coffee varietals, Sidra stands out for its sweet, complex profile and its need for specific growing conditions. Its heritage from Typica and Bourbon adds to its allure, making it a varietal worth exploring.