The most versatile Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter

The most versatile Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter

Recently our project Aji Coffee Tools announced their latest product in the works, the Aji Circle Filter. This filter is set to revolutionise the coffee filter industry with a new approach to how we purchase coffee brewing equipment.

Traditionally people purchase a coffee dripper and then are stuck with the filters designed for that dripper with very little variety of coffee filter brands to choose from. The Aji Circle Filter is set to flip this on it's head and offer a coffee filter that fits most coffee drippers all while remaining sustainably sourced and reusable.

What is the AJi Circle Filter?

The Aji Circle Filter is a wide flat circle made from 2ply of our ethically sourced hand-loomed cotton. This filter can very easily be folded and manipulated into an incredible large scope of coffee drippers including conical and flat bottom coffee brewers. 

We will use the same cotton material as our popular Aji Cone Filters, this cotton is sourced through a social enterprise in Bihar, India meaning the profits go back into building the communities and cotton producers in the region.

Aji Circle Filter - Reusable Flat Bottom cloth coffee filter for Orea and Origami dripper

What Drippers does the Aji Circle Fit?

It's early days still, at time of writing we have only been prototyping and devloping the Aji Circle Filter for 6 months. As we brew more and find new ways to make our Aji Circle Filter fit other drippers we will extend the list but for now the Aji Circle Filter fits into 01, 02 conical drippers as well as 155 and 185 flat bottom coffee drippers. 

This includes brands such as Hario, Origami, Kalita, Orea, Timemore and many more.

How do you use the Aji Circle Filter?

To use the Aji Circle Filter you first have to boil it for 10 minutes before the first brew, this helps to shrink the cotton to the correct size and removes any naturally occurring starches in the cotton.


Aji Circle Filter _ Reusable cotton coffee filter for flat bottom coffee drippers Basic Barista


How to set in a Conical dripper

For conical filters fold your filter in half and to create a semi circle, then fold one corner to the top of the filter and flip the filter over to do the same on the opposite side. This creates a pointy cone shape, if you then place the filter point side down into the cone dripper and allow the filter to open up you will have a conical filter that fits the dripper perfectly.

How to set in a Flat Bottom dripper

For flat bottom dripper, we found laying the circle flat and centred over the coffee dripper and then pushing down to the base followed by manoeuvring the filter around the walls of the dripper is the best way to set the Aji Circle Filter.

Aji Circle Filter Origami coffee dripper Basic Barista Reusable cloth coffee filter

How to clean the Aji Circle Filter?

After brewing coffee first relax and drink your brew, this also allows for the bed of ground coffee to cool down slightly before handling.

Pinch the fold of the filter and pull out the filter, invert and tip your spent coffee grounds out then proceed to run water over the filter to remove any remaining coffee grounds.

If you are starting to notice some old coffee taste and are looking for a deeper clean, we recommend re-boiling your filter for 5-10 mins.

Read How To Clean Cloth Coffee Filters.

How to store your Aji Circle Filter?

Just like our Aji Cone Filters, we recommend to store your filter in water. You can also store your cloth coffee filters in water and in the fridge as this helps to preserve the fibres for longer. Read more about how to store your Aji filters here.

Be the first to receive an Aji Circle Filter

The Aji Circle Filter has not been released just yet, we are in the final stages of prototyping and initial production. 

If you haven't already, join our cotton club to receive 20% off your first Aji Filter and be the first to learn about new products and our launch of the Aji Circle Filter.