KingGrinder K6 Review

KingGrinder K6 Review

About the Kingrinder K6:

Kingrinder is a relatively new company, focusing mainly on coffee grinders. We were fortunate enough to receive a K6 Grinder to review and discuss. The K6 is priced at around $200 AUD and what we were most excited to see was the burr-mounted straight onto the Axle. This was the first hand grinder we have played around with this design and to say we were impressed was an understatement. 

The Burrs:

While Kingrinder have around 6 grinders each grinder has a unique burr set optimised for that grinder, the K6 is an all-in one grinder that can grind for espresso all the way past a filter setting. The burrs used in this grinder are a conical Stainless steel burr set with 16 micron adjustments every step. The K6 can be adjusted by the exterior mounted collar, by rotating the collar 1 rotation there is a whopping 60 grind size adjustments. 
Having this much adjustment and paired with it's filter - espresso capabilities makes this an incredibly versatile grinder.

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How much is the Kingrinder K6?

Currently in Australia you can find the King Grinder for about $200 AUD / $135 USD This is an incredibly attractive price point for a coffee grinder, especially at this build quality and calibre. 

Can You RDT On the K6 Grinder?

Yes, You are able to use RDT on the K6 King Grinder however it is recommended that you don't spray into the grinder, instead you should dose your coffee in a jar or cup and spray your beans in that prior to loading the coffee into the grinder.

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Espresso on the Kingrinder K6:

Grinding for espresso can be achieved on most hand grinders, the reason most people choose not to is due to the effort involved. My experience grinding on the K6 was smooth, easy and fast, I was able to grind 3x 20g doses quickly and paired with the small grind size adjustments I was able to dial in an espresso coffee easily. 

But, don't leave just yet! Because this grinder has it's adjustment on the exterior collar this grinder is actually able to be hooked up to a power drill, simply remove the lid, feed your beans into the coffee grinder and attach a drill to the axle.
While this isn't the traditional approach to grinding with a hand grinder, this is a solid solution to those who don't want an arm work out.

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If you do choose to grind using a power drill please make sure that the placement of your hand holding the grinder is no where near the adjustment collar, if you do pinch the adjustment collar while grinding this could be a quick way to destroy your grinder.

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Included with the K6:

  • KinGrinder K6 coffee grinder
  • Lid + O-ring
  • Brush
  • User Manual

Kingrinder K6 Vs Comandante MK4:

The Comandante grinder has been around for close to a decade longer than the Kingrinder, it is a well trusted brand with a fantastic reputation. While the Kingrinder is much newer they are a very innovative company with feature heavy focus and have proven to be a great option when it comes to semi-pro grinders.
The Comandante is known for it's wooden body paired with the fantastic burr geometry we all love, this being said I think the K6 is very competitive feature wise however it's design doesn't feature anything as beautiful as the real wood body.

Comandante MK4 Coffee Grinder

When it comes to grind size and adjustment I was blown away with the K6, it was easy to dial-in and while the collar adjustment is new to me it quickly became intuitive and easy to adjust on the fly.


Kingrinder K6 Vs Timemore C3:

While the C3 is a fantastic budget grinder and I am convinced that there is no other grinder that can offer the same features for the price point of the C3 I feel that seeing how close the price point is to the K6, you may want to consider an upgrade!

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The Timemore is a great grinder when you are on a budget but for not much more the K6 grinder offers a whole bunch of features that trumps the C3, it is completly up to you to decide whether the C3 or the K6 is your next grinder however I think it is worth pointing out the features of the K6 that the C3 just doesn't have.

The Burr mounted to the axle shaft is a much better design, this design is proven to be a much more stable and consistent design compared to traditional coffee grinder designs.

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