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Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker Review

The Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker is a novel approach to cold drip coffee, The biggest feature of the Delter cold drip coffee makes is it's unique valveless design, paired with the 3 stacked water hoppers at the top of the brewer. But how does the coffee taste and is this cold drip coffee actually as consistent as it claims?

Cold Drip vs Cold Brew Coffee

The terms "cold brew" and "cold drip" are often used interchangeably, but they refer to distinct brewing methods within the cold coffee spectrum. 'Cold brew coffee' is a broad category that encompasses any coffee brewed with cold water, typically by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period. On the other hand, cold drip coffee is a more specific method that involves a slow drip of cold water over coffee grounds, usually performed in a cold drip tower. This process results in a coffee that is has been percolated rather than immersed, with a cleaner body and more pronounced flavours compared to the more robust and rounded taste of traditional cold brew.

Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker Review - Basic Barista

What Makes the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker Special?

The Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker distinguishes itself with a valveless design, a departure from the more common valve-based systems found in other cold drip towers. This innovative approach allows for a more consistent flow rate of water through the coffee grounds as the multiple water levels equilibrate, leading to a brew that is remarkably uniform in flavour.

Valve systems, while effective, can introduce variability in the drip rate due to the change of water level. The valveless design paired with the multiple water holders of the Delter Drip Coffee Maker mitigates these issues, ensuring that each batch of cold drip coffee is super consistent. 

Is the Delter Cold Drip Tower Worth It?

The value of the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker depends largely on the context of its use. For home brewers and small cafes that produce cold brew in smaller volumes, the Delter is a great investment. Its efficiency, consistency, and the superior quality of coffee it produces make it very competitive. However, for larger cafes that require high volumes of cold brew, the Delter may not be the most practical option due to its design, which is optimised for smaller batches.

Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker Review - Basic Barista

Limitations to the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Tower

One notable limitation of the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker, as with any cold drip system, is the influence of water minerality on the flow rate. Different water sources can slightly alter the drip rate due to variations in mineral content. While this is a minor concern, it underscores the importance of using consistently sourced water to maintain the flow rate and, consequently, the flavour profile of the coffee.

As well as this, this cold drip tower is not capable of making large batches of coffee.

Cold Drip Coffee Recipe

For those looking to try their hand at cold drip coffee using the Delter, here's a simple recipe to get you started:

  1. Grind 40g of your favourite coffee to a medium-coarse consistency, on the Comandante we used a grind size of about 30 clicks.
  2. Assemble the coffee maker according to the manufacturer's instructions, ensuring the coffee grounds are evenly spread and place an AeroPress paper filter on top of the grounds to evenly disperse the water once it starts to drip.
  3. Fill the Delter's water reservoir with 600ml of cold filtered water, do this by adding 200ml to each container and stack them on top of each other.
  4. Allow the water to drip through the grounds and collect in the carafe below, a process that should take about 3-4 hours.
  5. Once complete, refrigerate the coffee until cold, and enjoy over ice or along with some milk / creamer.

What Does Cold Drip Coffee Taste Like Compared to Pour Over Coffee?

Cold drip coffee offers a distinct taste profile compared to its hot brewed counterpart. The cold drip method highlights the coffee's sweetness and lowered acidity, often resulting in a cup that's more tea-like in its delicacy. Pour-over coffee, on the other hand, tends to emphasise a fuller body and richer flavour, with more pronounced acidity. Both methods have their unique appeal, and preference largely depends on individual taste and the desire for a refreshing cold beverage or a warming hot cup.

Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker Review - Basic Barista