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Cocinare Essence 2 in 1 Coffee Grinder Review

The Cocinare Essence 2 in 1 coffee grinder, as the name suggests is a coffee grinder that can grind coffee on the stand (included) or with out and packing down into an included travel case makes this an incredibly versatile option for an electric coffee grinder that works anywhere you go!

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The Cocinare Essence Coffee Grinder is a fantastic and budget friendly grinder that you can take pretty much anywhere, compare to lugging around a Varia VS3 or any other electric coffee grinder this is a great option for people who are looking for a portable electric grinder that doesn't break their wrists or bank account.

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We were luck enough to be sent a demo unit to test our for ourselves and needless to say I was very impressed with this grinder, it is well and truley capable of grinding quality coffee grounds from coarse Cupping grind sizes down to Espresso and even Turkish Ibrik coffee grind sizes.

The Grounds it produced where fluffy, light and consistent across all our testing, this means that unlike cheap coffee grinders that aren't aligned properly or don't have the best burr set you can achieve balanced tasting coffees produced by this grinder.


Cocinare essence 2 in 1 coffee grinder Features Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

This feature packed grinder won't disappoint, it has a battery and motor unit at the top, a high quality 38mm conical burr set housed in the middle grinder chamber and a large grounds catch at the base. Everything is housed in a durable coated metal frame.

By removing from the base, this grind conveniently packs down into a tiny travel friendly protective case.


We have teamed up with Cocinare to provide you a discount code, simply use the code: BASICBARISTA and receive 15% off your next order. 

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