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Basic Barista

Basic Barista Brew Bundle

Basic Barista Brew Bundle

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Start brewing pour over coffee at home with the Basic Barista Brew Bundle, we know that's probably too many 'B's but its also a great Budget coffee kit.

This Pour Over Coffee Kit is perfect for someone looking to start making coffee who might already have a grinder or might not wan't a server. Featuring all entry level brew gear that wont hurt your wallet while still allowing you to experiment with pour over coffee at home.

The Basic Barista Brew Scales are our absolute FAVOURITE coffee brewing scales, they can weight all the way to 3Kg and are lightweight enough to make this kit perfect for travelling too. Just add coffee and water!

Why Plastic Coffee Drippers are Better

The Hario V60 Coffee Cone Dripper is actually the cheapest coffee brewer we stock but don't let this fool you, the plastic material happens to be the best thermally insulated material and is praised highly by many of the worlds leading coffee experts and baristas. The higher the Thermal insulation, means the more heat in your brewer, brewing in ceramic, glass or metal is still a great option to make coffee but does require more hot water to get up to a hot enough temperature to brew with.

As well as the Hario V60's Thermal properties it is very durable. The plastic material allows you to through this dripper around, in your backpack or along with your next adventure with no stress of it breaking like a porcelain or glass coffee dripper.


1x Hario V60 Clear Plastic coffee Dripper (02 Size)

1x 100pk Hario Coffee Filters (02 Size)

1x Basic Barista Coffee Brewing Scales 

1x Timemore Chestnut C3 Coffee Grinder or 1x Fellow Mighty Small Glass Server


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