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Jose Ordoñez - Wush Wush

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Tasting Notes: Stone fruit, strawberry, floral and botanical notes

Variety: Wush Wush

Region: Bruselas, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,650 MASL

Process: Washed (Read about processing methods here)

Roast: Filter

Size: 250g 

The Wush Wush variety originated in Ethiopia. Wush Wush is an area in southwest Ethiopia. Similar to Geisha, another famous coffee from the same country, this variety arrived to South America around 30 years ago.

Today, it can be found in Colombia, where it develops fruitier, delicate and floral cup profiles that consumers expect from these rarer, and sought-after varieties.

As with most of the washed processes, after the collection and selection of the fruits in the appropriate conditions, the pulping is done and then the fermentation, which on this occasion was between 15-20 hours with the Fermaestro (a tool to achieve an adequate fermentation).

Wush Wush has a unique cup profile, this coffee is incredibly smooth with floral aromas.


Jose is the only son in a family with 7 daughters, his parents are coffee growers and lovers of coffee and their land.

When Jose is not in the quality control laboratory on his farm, he is in cultivation mode with his 3,000 coffee plants.

An interesting fact about Jose, in 2014 he came to Melbourne to participate in the World Cup Tasters Championship after having won this competition in Colombia in 2013. He made it to the quarterfinals here, quite the feat!


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