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Fellow Stagg EKG Pour Over Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Pour Over Kettle

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Fellow is the market leader when it comes to extremely useful and practical coffee brewing equipment and is stylish enough to suit any home decor, in fact this particular kettle was the red dot award winner for 2018.

This beautifully designed pour over kettle’s body is crafted from food grade stainless steel while the heavy duty lid is made from BPA-free polypropylene. 

One of the most noticeable features besides the precision pour spout is the handle. The handle is grippy and weighted to move the centre of mass back towards your hand when pouring (even when filled with water to the max.)

The precision pour spout has been designed to slowly deliver the optimal flow rate, releasing only a small amount of water to allow you to gain full control over your pour.

The EKG Pour Over Kettle has a small but bright LCD display built-in to the base. It shows the current temperature the water is reading, and when you turn the dial changing the 'set' temperature is super easy and intuitive.

The Base also features 2 buttons at the back, one is a 'hold toggle' (Holds the temperature you determine for up to 1 hour) and the other button switches between celsius and Fahrenheit.

The main dial at the front of the base is pressed once to turn the kettle on and off, It also acts as a stopwatch timer, simply hold the button down and the timer will initiate.

Rapidly flick the toggle temperature button on the base of the kettle (while kettle is off the base) to activate wormy.


  • 0.9 Litre water capacity
  • BPA-free polypropylene lid
  • Weighted handle
  • Precision pour spout
  • Accurate to the degree
  • 1200 Watts Quick Heat Time
  • Temperature PID control from 57-100 Deg C
  • Built-in stop watch
  • Hold set temp for up to 1 hour 
  • Matte Black coated stainless steel body
  • Power: 230v/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 267mm x 191mm x 197mm


    • Fellow Stagg EKG Pour Over Kettle
    • Electric Base
    • Electric Power Cord
    • Instructions booklet & brew guide

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