Le Nez Du Cafe - 36 Piece Revelation Set
Le Nez Du Cafe - 36 Piece Revelation Set
Le Nez Du Cafe - 36 Piece Revelation Set
Le Nez Du Cafe - 36 Piece Revelation Set
Éditions Jean Lenoir

Le Nez Du Cafe - 36 Piece Revelation Set

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The Revelation Kit is comprised of all 36 aromatic notes of coffee, from the most distinctive aroma groups. Le Nez Du Cafe is designed to train your sense of smell by repetition and learning about each aroma individually. This is an incredibly useful tool to help identify these aromas in coffee, wine and other drinks / foods.

Included in this box set is 36 bottles each with their own individual aroma, a booklet to read an in depth description of each aroma and the wooden box to help store everything safely.

Individual Aromas Included:

Earthy notes: 1-Earth

Vegetable notes: 2-Potato, 3-Garden Peas, 4-Cucumber

Dry vegetal notes: 5-Straw

Woody notes: 6-Cedar

Spicy note: 7-Clove-like, 8-pepper, 9-Corriander Seeds, 10-Vanilla.

Floral note: 11-tea-rose/redcurrant jelly, 12-Coffee blossom, 13-Coffee Pulp.

Fruity note: 14-Blackcurrant-like, 15-Lemon, 16-Apricot, 17-Apple

Animal note: 18-Butter, 19-Honeyed, 20-Leather

Toasty notes: 21-Basmati Rice, 22-Toast, 23-Malt, 24-Liquorice, 25-Caramel, 26-Dark Chocolate, 27-Roasted Almonds, 28-Roasted Peanuts, 29-Roasted Hazelnuts, 30-Walnuts, 31-Cooked Beef, 32-Smokey Note, 33-Pipe Tobacco, 34-Roasted Coffee.

Chemical notes: 35-Medicinal, 35-Rubber.

Also included is an illustrated booklet that gives a concise explanation of the sense of smell. It describes the aromatic group of each aroma, its odoriferous features and its presence in the world’s coffees, as well as the art of coffee growing, roasting and brewing.

This product is made in france, learn more about Le Nez Du Cafe here.

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