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EPF Webber Workshop x Cafec Espresso Filter Papers 100pk 55mm

EPF Webber Workshop x Cafec Espresso Filter Papers 100pk 55mm

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Weber Workshops have teamed up with Cafec in Japan, the leading producer of high-end coffee paper filters, to bring the first-of-its-kind paper filter made specifically for espresso, and made exclusively for Weber Workshops.

Why use Paper Filters for Espresso?

Paper filters under the coffee puck reduce clogging of the portafilter/unifilter basket holes, thereby facilitating a more even extraction. It also prevents higher flow right at the basket holes, allowing more even water flow throughout the puck, especially in the bottom section. This enables the use of a finer grind, which increases extraction yield while keeping shot times the same. It does introduce an extra step, but the effort is rewarded with a perceptibly improved shot of espresso.

About the paper

In the paper creation process, the roller and the dryer drum operate at different speeds, yielding two different textures on either side of the paper. The smooth size goes against the coffee, and the rough side (the “crepe”) faces down for smooth liquid exit to the pores of the portafilter. It’s engineered to improve your espresso.

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EPF Features:

  • Made in Japan with premium coffee filter paper produced by the wet crepe method.
  • Collaboration between Cafec Japan and Weber Workshops
  • designed for Espresso to achieve higher and even extraction
  • Precision cut to fit the bottom of your portafilter perfectly
  • 55mm (for standard 58mm and VST baskets)
  • 0.15mm thickness
  • 100 filter papers per pack

What's Included:

1x ECF Webber Workshop x Cafec Espresso Filter Papers 100pk 55mm


Measurement: 55 x 0.15mm thickness
Diameter: Ø 55mm



Brand: Weber Workshops


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Espresso Basic Barista Basics


Espresso is one of the most concentrated beverages that humans can't seem to get enough of. Making perfectly dialed in coffee can be challenging at times but is not impossible, especially with the right tools.


    When brewing espresso you are constantly adjusting your variables to dial in your coffee. The coffee to water ratio is one of these variable.

    Generally an espresso has a 1:2 Ratio but this isn't always the case and sometimes the word 'espresso' acts more as an umbrella term for coffees that are outside of this ratio.
    A Lungo has a 1:3 ratio and a ristretto has a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water.


    Brewing espresso at different water temperatures will change how your coffee is extracted and the overall taste of your espresso.
    Using a hotter water temperature will increased the body and sweetness but will have a greater chance of astringency and bitterness, while cooler water temperature will reduce bitterness, body and sweetness and can resulting in a sour, brighter espresso.


    Pressure is a critical factor in brewing espresso, typically measured in bars. The most common pressure for extracting espresso is around 9 bars. Proper pressure ensures optimal extraction, balancing the flavours and aromas.

    Adjusting your pressure throughout the one extraction is known as pressure profiling and is an entire rabbit hole in itself.


    Grinding your coffee right before you brew will drastically improve the taste of your coffee. The reason for this is that once you grind your coffee it has a much larger surface area and straight away starts to loose it's freshness.

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