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UFO Coffee Dripper V2

UFO Coffee Dripper V2

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Introducing the UFO Dripper V2 Brewer, this brewer is a unique take on how coffee drippers can be improved to increase contact time, Sweetness and Clarity.
Created by Kenzie Chay & Jay Kim, the UFO Coffee Dripper is designed and made in Korea.

UFO Dripper Geometry:

Conical drippers are known for their high clarity and pleasant acidity, but reduced consistency when compared to flat-bottoms. The goal of UFO Dripper was to create the cup profiles we love from other conicals, while greatly improving consistency. UFO is designed to be the most forgiving conical brewer, using an unprecedented 80º interior angle. This slows down the brew to maintain a respectable contact time even with the air channels, and means that it’s less sensitive to smaller doses. This is because the shallower the brewer walls, the less the bed depth changes with varying doses. The angle also contributes to greater accumulation of fines above the bed, further increasing clarity. We will say, however, that it is still a faster brew. If you find the fasts to be too fast, try the B3’s.

Air Channel Technology:

UFO incorporates air channels instead of protruding ribs, which combined with the Disputer tool allows for the perfect filter set and consistent bypass. The air channels also contribute to equalizing the air pressure above and below the carafe, mitigating any risk of stalling.

Thermal Stability:

Extensive thermal testing has concluded to the single-walled, solid Tritan design. It maintains superior thermal stability in the slurry, while also being extremely resistant to warping at boiling temperatures and also being one of the safest materials that is commonly used in baby products for its non-toxic and BPA-free characteristics, not to mention its unmatched durability.

Compatible Coffee Filters:

-AJi Circle Filter

The AJi Circle Filter can be used on this dripper, it does overhang around 2-5cm

-OREA Circle Filter Papers

The Orea Circle Filter Papers are a perfect fit for the UFO Dripper, simply fold the filter into quarters and manoeuvre the filter paper into the coffee dripper. Use hot water to hold the filter in the correct place.

-Sibarist FAST UFO Special Edition

The FAST is our go-to for a lot of coffees. We especially love the FAST filters for those dense washed coffees that flow very slowly. With the FAST filters, you are able to grind much finer when coffee requires extensive surface area exposure to truly shine and still not end up with a pre-maturely clogged filter.

-Sibarist B3 UFO Special Edition

B3 flows slower than FAST. We enjoy B3 for fast flowing process impact-heavy (natural/anaerobic natural/carbonic maceration/co-ferment/yeast-inoculated, etc) coffees that require coarser grind sizes and a slower flow rate to provide sufficient contact time to extract all the good things while avoiding over extraction of the mega funky flavours that can often be overwhelming.

UFO Distributor Negotiator Tool 3D Printed 3D Printers BAsic Barista

To properly set filters, open the centre of your folded filter and place in the brewer. Wet the filter, then use the Disputer tool (not included, STL file for the 3D printed disputer tool can be downloaded here UFO DISPUTER 3D PRINTER STL FILE to press the filter to the brewer wall.

UFO Coffee Filter Sibarist Filter Papers Basic Barista coffee tools Coffee Brewing Equipment Australia Melbourne Cafe brewing

Kalita Wave (155 size)

Kalita wave 155 filters is the perfect fit for the UFO. UFO is incredibly versatile and yes, you can use the UFO as an open-bottom flat bottom dripper! The cup profile becomes much more texture and sweetness-focused. We prefer Kalita 155 size over 185 size because from our extensive experience, we have found the 185 size to be a bit too inconsistent in filter thickness and density. 155 size does not have consistency issues.

We do not recommend disputing Kalita 155 size to use as a conical dripper unless you are brewing something that requires very coarse grinds. Disputed Kalita 155 size will have a much slower flow rate.

-April Filters

April filters flow a good bit faster than the Kalita 155 size and this will provide you an option to grind a good bit finer when coffee demands it!

V1 vs V2 Updates:

The UFO Dripper V2 is now injection-moulded and a singular piece of material, this makes the UFO V2 more durable and consistent throughout production.

UFO Dripper Materials:

The UFO Dripper is made from a single piece of Tritan. 
We recently wrote an article discussing coffee brewers made from Tritan.

UFO Dripper used in Coffee Competitions:

  • Wataru Iidaka – Saza Coffee, Japan – World Brewers Cup 2nd Place
  • John Dixon – Mad Black Coffee – US Brewers Cup National Competitor




Brand: UFO


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    Generally Pour Over and Filter Coffee have a water to coffee ratio of 1:15.
    Although it is important to know that some coffee tastes better at a lower or higher ratio and that numbers are just a guide.


    Depending on a range of different factors your pour over coffee might be really quick and only last 1 minute or can last up to 10 minutes. Most pour overs generally take around 2-4 minutes and consistently long pour overs may be a result of stalling.


    The hotter your water is the higher amount of extraction will occur. Put simply, this is all you need to know but when it comes down to dialling-in your coffee you can change your water temperature to change the flavour of your coffee.

    Water For Coffee 

    The method, technique and overall recipe you use to brew your pour over coffee is known as your 'Brew Method'.
    Depending on how many pours your use, the level of agitation when pouring and the brewing equipment you use will all determin how your coffee will taste.

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