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Ni Wares

Ni Wares Bouba Cup

Ni Wares Bouba Cup

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Ni Ceramics Wares have crafted cups specifically designed to complement filter coffee. With their unique dual-lipped design and years of experience in the industry, they have created a cup inspired by gastronomic studies aimed at enhancing the coffee quality after extraction.
This cup not only elevates the coffee experience but also personalises each sip. 


  • 400ml Capacity
  • Innovative dual-lipped wall
  • Dimple at base of the cup allows for sediment to rest on the bottom and promotes swirling.
  • Thin or Thick lip edge for different drinking preferences
  • Constructed from high quality porcelain material
  • Smooth glaze with pink finish
  • Designed in Australia
Ni Wares Coffee Cup Diagram Cross Section - How it works Ni Wares Basic Barista Coffee Gear Ceramic coffee cup specs

Bouba Dimple:

The Dimple at the base of the Ni Wares Bouba cup is designed for 2 reasons, the first reason is that it prevents sediment in the coffee to not settle on the bottom of the cup.
The second reason is that this dimple helps agitate and aerate your coffee when swirling your cup. This feature is becoming very popular in many coffee cups since Icosa launched the Avensi wave cups.)

Ni Wares Bouba competition coffee cup _ Specialty coffee pink coffee cup Unboxing - packaging

Why drink coffee from a pink cup?

Ni Wares chose to finish their Bouba cup in a smooth textures and pastel pink colour, the reason behind this was because studies have shown coffee can be perceived up to 20% more sweeter when enjoyed through a pink vessel.


(W) 120mm x (H) 120mm x (D) 120mm


1x Ni Wares Bouba Cup

Ni Wares Insta Reel Basic Barista Hany Ezzat Competition Coffee cup
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