Reducing Static in Coffee With Ions - Acaia Ion Beam

Reducing Static in Coffee With Ions - Acaia Ion Beam

Static electricity can be a messy problem when grinding coffee, leading to issues like coffee retention, flying chaff, and smaller coffee doses that can throw out your coffee ratio.
Fortunately, there are a couple existing methods to reduce static. RDT (Ross Droplet Technique) is a popular method that adds moisture to your coffee beans and reduces the static. The biggest limitation with RDT is that it can't be used on certain grinders due to the moisture content, as well as this RDT also adds steps to your workflow effecting the time it takes to make coffee.

Recently there has been an innovative new product that was just announced. the Acaia Ion Beam provides an innovative solution to these challenges. 

Acaia Ion Beam _ Reduce Static in coffee grinding

Understanding the Acaia Ion Beam

The Acaia Ion Beam is a cutting-edge device designed to tackle static electricity generated during the coffee grinding process. Whether mounted on an Acaia Orbit Grinder or used as a portable accessory with different grinders, the Ion Beam significantly reduces static build-up. Let's break down its key features and benefits.

Fast and Concentrated Ion Generation

At the heart of the Ion Beam is an industrial-grade ion generator. This powerful component produces a high concentration of ions in a compact space, effectively minimising static build-up in your coffee grounds.
By neutralising static electricity, the Ion Beam ensures that your coffee grounds flow smoothly, reducing retention and clumping.

Acaia Ion Beam _ Reduce Static in coffee grinding

Motion Sensing Auto-Start

Efficiency is key in the coffee preparation process, and the Ion Beam excels in this area with its motion-sensing auto-start feature. Equipped with an infrared (IR) sensor, the device detects the presence of an object, such as a dosing cup, placed within 5 cm. This automatic activation streamlines your grinding routine, making it more efficient, user-friendly and completly removes the barista from adding extra steps to their workflow.

Negative and Positive Static Neutralization

One of the standout features of the Ion Beam is its ability to emit both positive and negative ions from different ends. This dual-ion emission effectively neutralises static electricity, addressing either negative or positive static build-up. The result is a more consistent and even grind, without the mess.

Acaia Ion Beam _ Reduce Static in coffee grinding

How to Use the Acaia Ion Beam

Using the Ion Beam is straightforward and intuitive. Here's a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Mounting or Positioning: Decide whether you want to mount the Ion Beam on your grinder or use it as a portable device. If mounting, secure it on a standard 1/4-inch tripod platform or directly onto your Acaia Orbit Grinder.

  2. Powering On: Once positioned, ensure the device is connected to a power source. The Ion Beam's motion-sensing feature means it will automatically activate when a container is placed near the IR sensor.

  3. Grinding: As you grind your coffee, the Ion Beam will emit a steady stream of charged ions, neutralising static build-up and ensuring a smoother, more consistent grind.

Acaia Ion Beam _ Reduce Static in coffee grinding

Why Use an Ion Beam?

The Acaia Ion Beam offers several compelling benefits for coffee enthusiasts and professionals:

  • Reduced Retention: Minimise coffee ground retention for a cleaner grinding process.
  • Reduce Flying Chaff: Enjoy a tidier workspace with less mess from flying chaff.
  • Minimal Clumping: Achieve a more even grind with reduced clumping.
  • Efficiency and Ease of Use: The motion-sensing auto-start feature streamlines your grinding routine, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

With more and more innovation happening around coffee brewing, workflow and technology we continue to see advanced concepts help to eliminate problems that baristas face on the daily. We think that this is an exciting time and love to see creative companies spend time addressing these problems using technology.

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