AeroPress Go Travel Combo Kit
AeroPress Go Travel Combo Kit
AeroPress Go Travel Combo Kit

AeroPress Go Travel Combo Kit

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Now wherever you go you can make sure you have access to good coffee!

This kit was designed for the light weight traveller. Sometimes when you’re hiking or camping you need to consider waste and how to carry it back home. This is why we have included the Able Disk, a stainless steel metal filter disk that can filter out your coffee with out holding  back any natural oils that paper filters tend to.

The AeroPress Go is the perfect travel companion and allows you to take the AeroPress Go, filters, stirrer and scoop all housed inside a useable travel cup. You can even store coffee beans in the space behind the plunger.

Teamed up with a Rhino Portable Compact Hand Grinder and you can not only brew delicious coffee on the go, but you can grind fresh! No more grinding at home and transferring your coffee grinds via zip-lock bag. The grinder is light weight, compact (as the name suggests) and is robust enough to carry in your backpack without fear of breaking.


1x Aero Press Go Travel Brewer (Including 350 micro filter papers)

1x Rhino Portable Hand Grinder - Compact

1x Able Disk Reusable Stainless Steel Filter - (Fine, Standard, Both)