AeroPress Go + Filters Kit
AeroPress Go + Filters Kit
AeroPress Go + Filters Kit

AeroPress Go + Filters Kit

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This kit has been tailored to the eco conscious barista. 

Explore the wonderful world of re-usable metal filters with the Reusable Able Disk Set/Fine/Standard, finer holes let out less particles and oils while the larger filter size allows more particles to flow through and create an intense mouthfeel and heavy body in the cup.

The Fellow Prismo AeroPress adaptor is a great way of building pressure for a concentrated cup of coffee like an espresso. The Fellow Prismo also has a no-drip seal meaning you can brew right way up and over anything with the coffee only being let out once you start to plunge.

The AeroPress Go needs no introduction as it is a staple and a wonderfull piece of incredibly versatile brewing gear, although you might not know that unlike the Original AeroPress there are some key differences that might you might consider an improvement. Firstly the chamber is slightly smaller in size which helps everything pack down into the handy travel cup and flexible silicon lid, the stirrer has now been shrunk and can fold in on itself to save space and there is now a plastic filter holder that is perfect for making sure your paper/metal filters don't get damaged during transit.  


1x AeroPress Go

1x Fellow Prismo

1x Able Reusable Disk Filter- Fine / Standard / Set (Both)