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El Mirador - Red Striped Bourbon Filter

El Mirador - Red Striped Bourbon Filter

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Tasting Notes: Super sweet and balanced. Tropical fruits, hibiscus, cherry and blackberry.

Variety: Red Striped Bourbon

Producer: Octavio Rueda

Region: Huila, Palestina, Colombia

Altitude: 1,830 MASL

Process: Washed (Read about processing methods here)

Roast: Filter

Size: 230g 

Variety Select lots comprise coffees of a single noteworthy variety, sourced either from an individual farm or from several farms and blended together. These lots are designed to highlight the flavour potential that is inherent in particular coffee varieties, and are the result of great care and attention to detail on the producer's part. These coffees are microlot-level quality and come with a high degree of traceability.

The coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same day, then given an open-air fermentation in tanks or buckets for anywhere between 12–36 hours. The coffee is washed clean of its mucilage before being dried either on patios, in parabolic dryers or mechanically.

Huila is located in southwestern Colombia and is nestled in-between the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with the middle area called the Magdalena Valley. The variation in elevation results in Huila being one of the country's most unique and complex regions of coffee production. Its terroir, climate, and harvest cycles all contribute to the quality of coffee produced here. The most impressive quality behind the coffees coming out of Huila lies in the people producing them. While Huila accounts for nearly 20% of the country's production, 80% of coffee producers operate on less than three hectares.

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